Saturday, July 18, 2015

CAT Walk (May 1-4) Photos

Check out our photos from the May 1-4 CAT Walk trip!

The May dream team, from left to right: Danny, Ash, Tim, Carmen, Atan, Ywee Chieh, Diego and Henrietta.

Sambar deer. This one had an orange collar, which meant it was a released deer. It was thin and didn't look too healthy.

Setting up a trail camera...

...Mission accomplished!

Asian elephant dung!

Beautiful view of Taman Negara

Au naturale foot spa at Kelam waterfall!

Unfortunately, we spotted a civet cat which had become roadkill, likely while trying to cross the highway. This is why we need wildlife corridors, to allow animals to cross safely.

A beautiful forest fly (species ID, anyone?)

Not just hard work!

Photos by Vilma D'Rozario.

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