Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CAT Walk: What you could see if you join us!

Come CAT Walk with us - there's lots to see!

Volunteers will also get to spend half a day at Sg Relau, in the Taman Negara area, where the birding is great. All these photos are from recent trips.

Beautiful forest stream  (Photo: CTEP)

Barn Owl (Photo: Nick Baker)

Crested serpent eagle (Photo: Nick Baker)

Rhinoceros hornbill  (Photo: Nick Baker)

Scarlet-rumped trogon  (Photo: Nick Baker)

If you like mammal watching, a walk along an oil plantation road near Merapoh could reveal civets and leopard cats! Above, leopard cat. (Photo: Celine Low)

A juvenile common palm civet. (Photo: Celine Low)

Photo: CTEP

More amazing scenery. (Photo: CTEP)

Want to experience the wild for yourself, and help save the Malayan Tiger at the same time?

Come on a CAT Walk with us!

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