Tuesday, March 10, 2015

VOTE to save Malaysia's tigers

MYCAT's project, Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT), is in the running to win EUR30,000 to continue saving tigers at Sg Yu Tiger Corridor in Merapoh, Pahang, and we need YOUR vote to win! 

(1) Vote for CAT here: http://www.outdoorconservation.eu/project-voting-category.cfm?catid=5

CAT is the only programme in Malaysia that lets volunteers help protect tigers from poaching (the main threat). Learn more about CAT atwww.citizenactionfortigers.my.



“It seems that the presence of citizen conservationists has reduced poaching activity as we are now seeing more wildlife signs in the Sungai Yu Wildlife Corridor, Pahang. If one day we find tiger pugmarks (footprints) in the corridor, it will be a dream come true,” said Suzalinur Manja Bin Bidin, the CAT Programme Manager.

“We are competing against five other projects from around the world. Winning this vote means Malaysians support saving Malaysia’s tigers. I urge everyone reading my words to take a minute to vote for the Malayan tiger,” said Dr. Kae Kawanishi, MYCAT General Manager/Tiger Biologist. 

More info

Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT), Malaysia

Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) is an alliance of 4 NGOs working to save Malaysia’s tigers. CAT is the first programme in Malaysia that enables the public to get involved in tiger conservation. CAT Walks (anti-poaching wilderness watches) bring small groups trekking or camping in the rainforests of the Yu River Wildlife Corridor, the sole link between Malaysia’s two largest forested areas. Together, they form the world’s fifth-largest tiger landscape (35,000 sq. km). Volunteers look out for signs of poachers, snares, as well as tigers, elephants, sambar deer and other wildlife. Snares and traps found are recorded, deactivated and reported to the authorities. CAT Walkers also check camera traps to monitor wildlife. As a continual presence in the area is required to deter poaching, this project will run 2 scheduled weekend walks every month. Trips are led by trained and experienced leaders, and some are guided by indigenous Batek people who will teach volunteers the art of foraging and animal tracking. CAT helps increase: tiger and sambar populations, the Batek’s chance of preserving their traditional hunter-gatherer culture, local ecotourism opportunities; and is a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Learn more about this campaign and efforts to save the Malayan tiger:
MYCAT press release - http://malayantiger.net/v4/media-center
MYCAT Tracks - https://drive.google.com/a/malayantiger.net/file/d/0B9HV3HxLpNx-dTg0enFvMWtxWGM/view

CAT Walk: What you could see if you join us!

Come CAT Walk with us - there's lots to see!

Volunteers will also get to spend half a day at Sg Relau, in the Taman Negara area, where the birding is great. All these photos are from recent trips.

Beautiful forest stream  (Photo: CTEP)

Barn Owl (Photo: Nick Baker)

Crested serpent eagle (Photo: Nick Baker)

Rhinoceros hornbill  (Photo: Nick Baker)

Scarlet-rumped trogon  (Photo: Nick Baker)

If you like mammal watching, a walk along an oil plantation road near Merapoh could reveal civets and leopard cats! Above, leopard cat. (Photo: Celine Low)

A juvenile common palm civet. (Photo: Celine Low)

Photo: CTEP

More amazing scenery. (Photo: CTEP)

Want to experience the wild for yourself, and help save the Malayan Tiger at the same time?

Come on a CAT Walk with us!

Monday, March 2, 2015

21 Mar (Sat) Workshop: The Butterflies of HortPark

May we invite all families, kids and butterfly lovers to join us @HortPark for our upcoming workshop FLYING COLOURS! THE BUTTERFLIES OF HORTPARK on 21 Mar, conducted by speakers from Cicada Tree Eco Place.

Sign up!

Cheque payable to : Cicada tree eco-place by 07 Mar 2015
Mailing address : HortPark 33 Hyderabad Road

We look forward to seeing you soon!