Friday, August 29, 2014

Malayan Tiger: Fundraising Dinner (and other ways to help)

An estimated 300 Malayan Tigers remain in the wild today. The Malayan Tiger is on the brink of extinction and we need your help.

Ways you can help: 
1. Make a donation of any amount to the cause
2. Buy a dinner ticket for $250
3. Buy dinner for 10 for $2000
4. Buy a coffee table book on the Malayan Tiger for $40
5. Buy a tee-shirt to support tiger conservation for $20 (adults); $15 (students)

To help in any of the above ways, click here.

Where the funds go:

This fund-raising project supports efforts to conserve the Malayan Tiger, through the following:
1. The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) for their work in tiger conservation. (20% of funds raised will be allocated here)
2. Animal Concerns, Research and Education Society (ACRES) for their work on educating the public in Singapore on the illegal wildlife trade occurring at our doorstep. (10% of funds)
3. Research grants for young researchers in Singapore who may wish to take up research on locally and regionally threatened and endangered wildlife. (10% of funds)
4. Approximately 50 volunteers from Singapore who will participate during the next year in the “CAT Walk” programme organized by MYCAT to conserve dwindling tiger populations in forest reserves of Pahang, Malaysia. Information on CAT Walks is here. (60% of funds raised as partial subsidies for volunteers' CAT Walk expedition costs. Volunteers will be encouraged to pay it forward by participating in future walks with MYCAT at their own cost, to sustain critical capacity for citizen conservation efforts)

To save the Malayan Tiger, register here!

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