Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photographs from Fraser's Hill

After visiting Madagascar last year (check out our photographs here), we made a trip to Fraser's Hill in Malaysia. We went on a night walk in search of nocturnal animals, or animals that are active at night. Of course, we didn't miss out on the opportunity to take some photographs, which we would love to share with you!

A Small-toothed Civet peers curiously at us from among the tree branches. Do you notice its shiny eyes? This is due to a reflective layer in the civet's eyes, which helps it to see better at night. Many nocturnal animals also have this layer in their eyes.

The Red Giant Flying Squirrel doesn't really fly, but glides from one tree to another, much like a kite. Can you see its eyeshine?

Many nocturnal animals, such as this Slow Loris, have big eyes that improve their eyesight at night. Did you know that the Slow Loris can be found in our Singapore forests too?

We also saw this Western Striped Squirrel, whose patterned fur provides camouflage against the tree bark, making it harder to see.

The Montane Horned Frog lives among dead leaves on the forest floor.

The Thai Peninsular Pit Viper is a beautiful emerald green.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Madacascar Trip

Some from us from Cicada Tree visited Madagascar, an island located near the coast of Southern Africa, late last year. Here are some photos we would like to share with you!

This is Brochette, the female fossa we saw at the field station at Kirindy National Park. The fossa is only found on Madagascar.

This is a ringtailed lemur. The lemurs at Anjah Private Reserve are used to people peering at and photographing them.

This multi-coloured frog was one of many calling from a shallow stream by the side of the road. Ranomafana National Park.

We saw this ring-tailed mongoose, which has a beautiful striped tail, also at Ranomafana National Park.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!