Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tiger Tiger

Tiger cubs Zhihui and Zhixin

Tigers are pouncing out at us from almost every corner. It’s the build up to The Year of The Tiger. Tigers cavort and carouse, pivot and prance, dally and dance, looking so cute, who can resist buying whatever they’re being used to sell. We’ve been regaled with how ferocious tiger women are, goodness knows what the men are like, and other assorted tales, not of tiger, but what tiger symbolizes.

Through the deluge of tiger tiger, no column has related any facts about the actual animal being paraded. No items have cautioned to the possibility that in the next Year of The Tiger (12 years from now), there will be fewer tigers, if any, left.

These facts were the subject of CTEP’s MAD lesson on Tigers on 7 Feb 2010. It was a relief – finally some real tigers. The slide show cum talk had the children wide-eyed with wonder as they displayed many not known scenarios of the tiger – tiger swimming, tiger with cubs, tiger on snow, etc. A video with some rare scenes of a real tiger with its cubs followed. The children then transformed themselves into little tigers roaring around as they put on tiger masks which they had colored. The sad part, how tigers are killed for almost everything they have, their skins, tails, teeth, claws, meat, you name it, some mad human being wants it. The children were taught they had to do their bit to keep tiger around, to never eat tiger, or buy anything that once belonged to tiger. They had to spread this message around, especially since only very few are doing it.

By Talking Tiger

Drawing of tiger by Zhihui (aged 6)

Firdaus and Qisti colour their tiger masks

Bengal Tiger Panthera tigris tigris

All photos by Vilma D’Rozario

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