Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Critters in their Cribs

This pitcher plant is a cosy crib for a Four-lined Treefrog. (Photo by Andrew Tay)

Sometimes you wonder how different we really are from animals. CTEP’s MAD lesson on critters and where their home sweet homes are was about how every living thing needs and has a home. Nature Educator Andrew showed real examples, some alive, while Vilma slide-showed some beautiful and dramatic photographs, to about 15 children on Sunday 24th Jan at the JBCG. They were then taken for a walk through the gardens with some of the children going wild to discover red ants, butterflies, and other critters. And critters are? As defined by the children in attendance, fast, small, little, cute things, and so they are. Some examples: Flying squirrels, bats, dragon flies, spiders, slugs, snakes (yes, them, too), ants, butterflies, cockroaches, carpenter bees, pangolins, potter wasps, cave centipedes, etc, etc, and they all live in houses custom made, such as tree hollows, root caves, mud cribs, etc. The lesson was another demonstration of CTEP’s specialty, a skilful selection of enough information to keep the kids all agog (and some of the parents, too), alongside some value added educational gains, of stimulating the kids to think through their answers to certain questions, developing their spontaneity as they got excited to answer Andrew’s questions. As you sleep in your crib tonight, join God’s critters.

By Talking Tiger

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