Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Living Earth Walk - Rainforest

Raul Low (8 years old) attended Uncle Joe’s ‘Living Earth’ walk to the Botanic Gardens Jungle on 18 July 2009 and made some discoveries. He said:

“I found a lot of spiders and squirrels. A Golden Web Spider was having its breakfast. There's 314 types of plants. Uncle Joe taught us some plants can become toys. There is a leaf that flies like a helicopter. Another shaped like a knife and another a boat. We brought back a boat shaped leaf to play as boat. But could not find any snakes. I am doing an experiment with a seed tonight. Tomorrow, it should turn into jelly."

Auntie Vilma says:
Raul’s seed is from the Scaphium macropodum forest tree from which we get the jelly-like substance we find in our local dessert, 'cheng tng'. See Joseph Lai’s website on this amazing native plant http://www.eart-h.com/text/scapma1.htm

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