Friday, June 12, 2009

Interesting stuff at Kg. Ubin Walk

Raul Low, 8 yrs old, went for the Kg. Ubin Walk by Uncle Joe on 7 June 2009. Raul says, "found 5 golden web spiders. Coooool! The spider was big, huge and frightening. I managed to make two pebbles skip in the water twice and I can throw the pebble further than Uncle Joe. The aloe vera plant was so sticky and yucky. The Noni fruit was smelly. Saw lots of durian trees. We bought drinks from Auntie and found out her parrot got eaten by a snake, so poor bird. She has so many pets. But why her sinks had no pipes under it. The water just came down on the floor."

Aunty Celine replies:
I'm glad you enjoyed the walk, Raul. There are so many interesting plants & creatures out there to see when we open our eyes! Even the different sinks that different people have are most interesting!

Aunty Vilma says:
Well done, Uncle Joe! You’re a great nature teacher.
Raul, I am so glad you enjoyed the Living Earth Walk to Kg. Ubin and saw many things. We hope you will join us again!

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