Wednesday, October 1, 2008

(Sept 08) Jungle Friends—Kids’ lessons on Ecology

Above: Looking for dragonfly nymphs.

The month of September saw Cicada Tree Eco-Place focus on ecology. Lessons centred on relationships in our natural world.

Above: Uncle Joe teaching about cherry trees and bats.

The lessons began with Joseph Lai, our naturalist-teacher, telling a story about the relationships plants and animals have with each other and with the sun, air, water, and people. Using pictures, Joe started the story with an Indian cherry tree that provides food to its friend, the fruit-loving bat. Returning the favour, the bat carries cherry seeds to other places and drops them in soil so that baby cherry trees can begin to grow. The story continues with friendships between and among birds’ nest ferns, trumpet trees, carpenter bees, simpoh air trees, fish, butterflies, air, water and the sun.

Kids then visited the Children’s Garden to look for bats under bird’s nest ferns and carpenter bees sipping nectar from flowers. After the walk, the kids returned to the classroom to play Cicada Tree’s very own carbon footprint game called “Cool Earth”, which taught them easy daily eco-actions to protect our environment and wild habitats.

Above: Confidence building.

Above: Getting up close with a cherry tree.

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