Monday, September 29, 2008

MAD about butterflies & moths

Above: Kids with their origami butterflies and moths!

In August 2008, Cicada Tree Eco-Place kick-started MAD Lessons for Wildlife. Kindly sponsored by Intel, and held in conjunction with the Singapore Botanic Gardens, 4 lessons on butterflies and moths were run at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

MAD stands for Make A Difference, and it is hoped that all 63 children who attended this series of MAD lessons are carrying out the simple eco-actions they had pledged to do.

Some suggestions were:

1. Don't kill butterflies and moths, and ask others not to do so.
2. Free butterflies and moths after reared caterpillars have undergone metamorphosis, so they can make friends and have more caterpillar babies!
3. Do not trap butterflies and moths. Observe them in the wild.
4. Protect caterpillars. Do not harm them.

Above: Observing Observing pupae of the Lime butterfly.

Above: Learning about butterfly and moth ecology.

Kids learnt about the diversity of butterflies and moths in Singapore, the differences between the two, and their ecology: life cycle, where they live, what they eat, and what may eat them. There were museum specimens, as well as live caterpillars and pupae, to learn about.

Above: Colouring and decorating their butterflies/moths.

The children got to bring home an origami butterfly/moth they decorated themselves, a lovely wall-poster on butterflies, a button-badge, and a bookmark on which they could pledge to help butterflies and moths in their daily lives.

Above: Looking for butterflies and moths.

Hi kids! If you attended Uncle Andrew’s session on butterflies and moths, and would like to share with us a story, idea or something which you learnt, please email us here and we will post what you have to say on our blog! Read what Charles Windle has to say here.

Article and photographs by Vilma D'Rozario, edited by M.J. Tan.

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