Monday, September 1, 2008

‘Grow Things’ Program

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One sure way to lessen our carbon footprint is to grow a plant.

Learn all about plants and how to grow them in this creative, hands-on fun flora lesson for kids!

Lesson structure:
* Introduction to plantlife and their importance
* Our native species (Photos & live specimens)
* Where they live, their habitats, how they adapt to their environment.
* Observing floral specimens, both live and preserved, e.g., ant plant, orchid, vegetable, cactus, wildflower, seeds, fruit, etc.
* Learning about plant & animal symbiotic relationships.
* Introduction to soil, pots and other planting materials. How to grow a plant.
* Demonstration on various ways to grow a plant e.g., in soil, in water and pebbles, growing epiphytes on bark.
* Demonstration on how to do propagation.
* Distribution of a cutting to take home to sprout in water first then pot up themselves later.
* Distribute planting materials (coco-pot, soil).
* Distribute eco-pledge bookmark & fun plant worksheet.
* Conclusion: Global warming, conservation of plant habitats, Make A Difference!

Class length: 2 hours
Suitable for: kids 5 to 12 years old
Venue: Your school or other suitable venue
Cost: S$15 per child participant, for a maximum group size of 20. No minimum group size. A minimum cost of $300 per session applies.

For registration and enquiries, please email .

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